Cleaning the Leaf Collector

How to remove, clean and re-attach the leaf collector

After a few days of using the leaf collector, you may find it experience residue buildup. Cleaning the leaf collector after every 2-3 uses is required to extend the life of the machine.

Step 1: Tilt the leaf collector to the side and remove the screws using a cordless power drill.

Step 2: Remove the side panel of the leaf collector.

Step 3: Once the cover is removed, you will need to remove the 13mm bolt located in the middle of the fan blades.

Step 4: Pull the fan blades out from the leaf collector and place to the side. If you find these blades hard to remove, use a puller to remove them safely.

Step 5: Spray the residue with your cleaning product. In some cases, you will want to wrap the leaf collector and let it soak overnight. This will help soften the residue to make for an easier cleaning process.

Step 6: Tip the leaf collector up so that the opening is in a drain position.

Step 7: Spray the blades with your pressure washer using hot water.

Step 8: Once the blades are clean, set it aside and spray the inside of the leaf collector. Avoid spraying directly onto the bearing.

Step 9: To clean the outside of the unit, wipe the leaf collector down with some isopropyl alcohol to remove dirt and residue.

Step 10: Use some never cease around the shaft.

Step 11: Put the fan blades back in the leaf collector.

Step 12: Tighten the bolt to secure the fan blades and place the cover back on.

Step 13: Once the unit is fully re-assembled, run the leaf collector for 10-15 minutes to dry it out. Always ensure the cover is fully secured before running the unit