Blade Removal and Cleaning

How to remove, clean and re-attach trimmer blades

For optimal performance and life, the blade and bed bar must be removed and cleaned every few hours of operation (4 hours).

Step 1: Loosen the top two set screws with the 3/32″ Allen Wrench.

Step 2: Use the 5/32″ Allen Wrench to loosen and remove the appropriate bolts to release the blade from the Blade Adjustment Block.

Step 3: Remove the blade and the bed bar. Clean both with a utility knife and wipe clean with acetone.

Step 4: Place the bed bar back into position and make sure the magnets are facing up.

Step 5: Place the blade back into position and ensure the bevel is facing up.

Step 6: Ensure the edge of the blade bar is flush to the edge of the blade.