Dry Trimming Tips

Best practices to achieve a superior dry trim

Hang the entire plant upside down at 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 30% humidity for 24 hours. The next day, raise the humidity to 50-60% for another five to six days. Once dry, carefully buck your flowers and sugar leaves from the stems. Depending on the density of the flowers, they should be then be ready to processed by the trimming solution.

The buds should be 80-90% dry, with fan and sugar leaves still soft and pliable. If larger leaves are too dry and brittle, it can be difficult for the machine to pull stiffer foliage through the drum, preventing a clean sharp cut.  To remedy this, raise the humidity up to 75% for about half a day to a full day. Remarkably, this softens leaves without while returning additional moisture to the flower.

It is crucial surplus leaves remain soft and bendy in order for the machine to produce a sharp cut. If the leaves are too dry, we recommend using a humidifier or a water bottle with a misting nozzle to rehydrate them. This will help re-introduce a small amount of moisture to the leaves, ensuring the trimming solution delivers a precise cut.

You may prefer to run the machine with the plastic cover off and diverter almost fully open, depending on the density of the flowers. Please note the machine operates best when the tumbler is 40-50% full.

Trimming dry product minimizes the possibility of cutting blades gumming up and requiring periodic cleaning,  especially when using our Quantanium non-stick tumblers. This reduces downtime and further expedites the harvesting process.  Dry trimming has also been praised for preserving natural aromas and flavors post-harvesting.


The video below is a great example of dry trimming with a CenturionPro machine

Please note CenturionPro trimmers perform optimally when the tumbler is at 50% capacity.