Leaf Collector Not Turning On

Troubleshooting issues with the leaf collector

It may be an electrical issue so begin by getting your Certified Electrician to confirm that your electrical components are working properly. Once given the thumbs up, ensure that your blower is getting the proper amount of amperage it needs to start. Sometimes the blowers need a bit more juice to start up and then it will level out to the specified requirements. For example, if your blower needs 15AMP, it may need 20AMP to fire up. You can also try pushing the black reset button down hard for 10 seconds, release, and then attempt to turn it on again.

Please note: These blowers are not made to have extension cords over 1ft long between the unit and the power source. You must also ensure that the gauge of the extension cord is AS thick or thicker than the cord supplied. If all this does not solve your problem then please contact us for further assistance.