My Machine is Making a Loud Noise

Cutting, whining and screeching sounds

Centurion Pro's Hybrid machines can be loud when in operation. If the sound is of cutting scissors, that is the normal sound of the bed bar blade slicing against the reel blade. 

If your machine is making a screeching or grinding sound, your bearings likely need to be greased or even replaced. Make sure to grease the bearings every time you wash the machine, and to fully dry the machine after each cleaning. 

If the leaf collector is making the loud noise, check that the impeller spins freely, without wobbling. 

My Leaf collector is making a loud banging noise

1) Ensure your blower is clean of debris and build up. Build up inside the blower and on the impeller can cause contact with the housing of the blower.
2) If cleaning the build up in your blower does not stop the noise, there may be a bend in your impeller. As such, you will need to purchase a new impeller to
replace the one in your leaf collector. To remove the impeller use ONLY a pulling tool. Refer to pg. 9 for instructions on how to properly remove the impeller

There is a high pitch screeching noise coming from my machine.

1) Determine if the noise is coming from your reel bearings or brush assembly. Check your reel bearings to ensure they are greased sufficiently, Take a look at the video
tutorial “Packing the Bearings” on our website to help you with this. If the noise persists after you grease your bearings you will need to purchase and replace them. If the
noise is coming from your brush assembly, you will need to purchase and replace the brush bearings.
2) If the noise is coming from your leaf collector, you will need to replace the bearings in your leaf collector. Please contact our tech support for more details on this.
3) It is very important to ensure that after cleaning your machine, you run it for 10-15 mins to ensure there is no residual water around the bearings.


Email if this does not fix your noise.