My Product Stays in the Tumbler

How to ensure product passes smoothly through the trimmer

For optimum performance, the tumbler needs to be slowly and consistently fed so it is 40%-60% full at all times creating a wave like tumbling motion. The force of the new material being fed into the tumbler is what pushes out the finished product. Ensure clumps of product are broken up by hand while feeding the trimmer to prevent large bunches of plant matter getting lodged in the center of the tumbler.

If the product won’t pass through the machine, or becomes clogged, the suction may be too high. Try opening the diverter or taking the plastic top cover off to reduce the suction and you should see it begin exiting the tumbler. You can also prop the infeed side to increase the angle of the machine. 

Check that the inside of the tumbler is not coated in sticky resin, as small and light buds may become stuck in the tumbler.
Next, ensure the brush sticks 1/4" through the tumbler, knocking down stuck buds as they pass by.