My Tumbler Will Not Spin

The tumbler may not turn for a variety of reasons, and should be checked in the following order.

1. Check the Belt

If the tumbler does not spin on its own, the belt may be too loose. Ensure the correct size belt is being used. If the belt is adjustable, remove 1-2 links. If the belt is not adjustable it may need to be replaced. 

2. Check the blades

Turn the belt manually to ensure they are not jammed, and are able to pass one another freely the entire way around. 

Please Note: Don’t manually spin the tumbler, use only the belt to turn it.

3. Check for grease / lubrication

Ensure the red tumbler ring and the grooves it sits in are free of oil, grease or other lubricants.

4. Finally, check the motor is functional

If the motor turns on, but requires assistance by hand to get started turning the tumbler the Starting Capacitor may require replacing. 
If the motor does not turn on at all, check your power supply and call Tech Support for further diagnostics.