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CenturionPro Warranty

Terms and Conditions

CenturionPro Solutions (the manufacturer) will repair or replace, without charge, any parts proven defective in material or workmanship. CenturionPro Solutions offers industry-leading warranties on its commercial trimmers, commercial buckers and industrial harvesting technologies. Please refer to your product manual for the duration of your machine's warranty. Regular wear and tear of consumable parts, including but not limited to belts, o-rings, brushes, bearings and bed bar blade will not be covered under this warranty.

The warranty period will begin on the date the machine(s) is purchased by the initial purchaser. Product or component warranty defects can be remedied at any authorized service dealer, or directly at the manufacturer. Any service work performed, and deemed valid due to a defective part, will be free of charge. CenturionPro Solutions reserves the right to use any manufacturer-approved replacement part for the warranty repair.

The machine or defective part then must be returned to the manufacturer for analysis or replacement at the cost of the owner. Parts deemed to be covered under the warranty will be provided for free excluding shipping costs.

Do not return the machine to the place of purchase for repair or warranty claims, unless you have been authorized by CenturionPro Solutions to do so. The place of purchase can only sell replacement parts and will not repair any warranty issues, unless it is noted as an authorized repair dealer and has been authorized to work on your machine.